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As stories go . .. There's a middle, then there was the before and now the now... How we get to here, is what makes the world go ‘round... Even here in Ft. Scott, Kansas... It's kinda like your Grandpa tellin’ you about the one that got away. So who better to start this great “Fish Tale’ of sorts with... A Bourbon County legend, the late, Great John Emerson “Poppa” Lockwood. 

Now understand that John Emerson started in the restaurant business in the roaring - but very dry - 1920s... You see his dad, Charlie H. Lockwood, had Bourbon County's very first hamburger stand. It was these happy days working for his dear ol’ Dad that inspired our “Poppa* to open “Lockwoods” after WWII (where the current VFW is today)... Besides operating an occasional honky tonk or diner on the side, while serving bootleggers and their juice... And even allegedly Bonnie and Clyde... It eventually led to “Lockwood's Steak House... a well-known Bourbon County favorite, untibhis passing in 1972. In fact, John Emerson was frying chicken way before Annie, Mary or the Colonel 

And skip the middle and go straight to “now’ In the beautiful land of the Ozarks is where the current folks found the meaning of hard work and dedication pays off. They spent some time in the big city and made a many of dear friends that they will NEVER forget about (as they taught them all they know). After having a few little guppies of their own they decided that Green Acres is the place to be. So with the help of Mammie and Poppa, southbound this ship sailed. Many thanks to friends and family who got us here. Much love.